The Cost of Liberty

The cost of liberty
The Cost of Liberty by MAGA Mouse

Allow me to share of another time in our Nation’s history when all seemed lost, when good men of means and statute also were suffering at the hands of a tyrannical government, the British Empire.

The men of which we speak here were not ruffians or without standing by any means, rather far from it! In fact many served in their state legislatures, were lawyers, judges, businessmen, doctors, owned property, had families and were men of great means and statute in their society, with everything to lose and nothing to gain if their attempts were unsuccessful.

Have you ever wondered what happened to the 56 men who signed the Declaration of Independence? If you’re like most, you know very little of their sacrifice, those who pledged life, fortune and sacred honor.

“Nine Signers died of wounds or hardships during the Revolutionary War. Five were captured or imprisoned, in some cases with brutal treatment. The wives, sons, and daughters of others were killed, jailed, mistreated, persecuted, or left penniless. One was driven from his wife’s deathbed and lost all his children. The houses of twelve signers were burned to the ground. Seventeen lost everything they owned. Every signer was proscribed as a traitor; every one was hunted. Most were driven into flight; most were at one time or another barred from their families or homes. Most were offered immunity, freedom, rewards, their property, or the lives and release of loved ones to break their pledged word or to take the King’s protection. Their fortunes were forfeit, but their honor was not. No Signer defected, or changed his stand, throughout the darkest hours. Their honor, like the nation, remained intact.”

All gave some, and some gave all. These men had wealth and statute, but they chose to give it all up for a better way. They thought so highly of liberty that they were willing to stake all they had acquired in order that they might obtain it, or at least that their children might obtain it.

These heroic men clearly understood that peace was not so sweet and life not so dear as to be purchased at the bonds of chains and slavery.

Their names may have been slandered, their fortunes forfeit, their sacrifice costly, but their honor and integrity were not.

"Duty is Ours, Results are God’s."
John Quincy Adams
MAGA Mouse

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