Exhortation to the J6ers...

Exhortation to the J6ers
An exhortation to the J6 community from a fellow J6 patriot. He's got the right perspective!

To my fellow J6ers and the families and friends suffering with you,

My name is Leo, I'm from Cedar Rapids, Iowa and I'm about 2.5 months into a 30-month sentence at a low-security prison in Rochester, MN. My story hasn't been half as difficult as many of yours, I salute the ones who've been incarcerated since the beginning, along with the rest of those who have felt the especially heavy hand of The System.

I bet you share my frustration with the government and its refusal to fulfill its God-given mission of protecting your freedoms. If your mind is like mine, it often reminds you that the ONLY authorized purpose for the government in the Declaration of Independence on July 4th, 1776 is to protect the inalienable rights that its citizens have been endowed with by their Creator. It's easy to be infuriated by Washington DC's outright rebellion against the legitimate law of the United States of America. The Washington DC System now reigns in place of the law of the United States of America.

But let me remind you that the Creator who endowed you with your rights set aside his rights (which are far greater than yours) and willingly laid down his life in humiliating fashion, naked on a cross, in order to purchase those rights for you. If the Creator's path to victory went through suffering and death, are you willing to embrace the same path for yourself and your nation? You are descended from the stock of Valley Forge, will you shrink back now that God has called you forth?

Jesus Saves, Jesus Liberates, and Jesus Vindicates. Your victory is assured in him, take care that you are not found wandering anywhere else. The judge who presided over your kangaroo court will face the Eternal Judge. The U.S. Attorneys who weaponized the law to target you are under God's indictment. The FBI agents who framed you are in God's crosshairs.

If you want to be free, leave room for God's vengeance - it is assured. Your best strategy is to forgive, to do good to those who have abused you, and to love God with everything you've got.

He's honored you with a key role in fighting for this nation, see that you execute your task faithfully!
MAGA Mouse

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