For such a time as now...

Whether you find yourself in the palace today or a desolate dirty dungeon, there isn’t a doubt, you and I have been called and placed on earth for such a time as this… will you answer the call? Are we willing to serve the Lord wherever He has placed us today? Daniel found himself in the lion’s den for refusing to worship the king, his three friends found themselves in a fiery furnace for refusing to bow to an idol. The Hebrew midwives found they had to choose — would they obey God or Pharaoh? Queen Esther found herself in the palace but even there trouble abounded! Her people were in jeopardy. She had the choice to remain silent or speak at the cost of her life. Shechose to speak! Daniel chose to pray. His friends chose to stand. And the midwives chose to fear and obey God over man. What will you choose?

The cross was God’s expressed love for you. Don’t look to material blessings as a token of His love. One day you may find yourself in a dungeon with few friends and no material wealth. (This was the apostle Paul’s experience — he suffered the loss of all things for the sake of the gospel; Phil. 3:8.) So fortify yourself. Do what Paul did: look only to the cross, and God’s love will never be quenched.

(Taken from the Evidence Study Bible, Commentary by Ray Comfort.)
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