Are you free?


We declared independence, but are we free?
We live in a Republic, but are we truly represented?
Who represents us? Who protects our freedom? Our Independence? Out liberty?
When we declared our independence, we were defeating centuries of monarchy and servitude.
But are we free? Are we independent?
“Liberty is the right to do anything that does not interfere with the rights of others.” Thomas Jefferson
But what are rights? Who gives them? Who takes them? Who decides one group can exercise their rights but others cannot exercise the same rights? Who really controls us? Are we free?
Are you free if your thoughts are policed?
If the government works with schools and healthcare to force medicine, are you free?
If the forced “cure” is worse than the disease, are you free?
Are we governed by force and fraud? Are you free? Are we free?
When independent journalists are told they are not media by the court system because they do not have a pass and/or they are not employed by corporate (establishment) media, do we have freedom of the press? Are we free?
Is it all an illusion? Are we still in servitude?
When bankers met at an island and formed the Federal Reserve, who now dictates to our government, does that put us in servitude?
Is the Federal Reserve federal? Is it a reserve? Who collects its funding? Are we truly free? Are you free?
Does our country foster and encourage discussion from both sides?
Does our society ban people from social media, college campus, public buildings, public grounds, etc., because of speech? For thoughts?
Are words really violence? Are we truly free? Are you free?
Is our independence/freedom dependent on our speech? Is our freedom dependent on a free and fair media?
If the media limits the truth and disallows the whole story, the entire truth, are we truly free?
When the government uses our opinions against us, our knowledge of the Constitution against us, uses our speech to condemn us, manipulates our words to fit its narrative, cut and edit words to put us in prison, is not that an action to overthrow our liberty? Isn’t that an action by our government an attack on our freedom?
Are they cracking the “Foundation of Democracy,” as they call it?
They say we are a republic, but I fear we lost it.
They say we are the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave…
But are we free? Who represents us? Who are the brave? Are you free? Truly free?
Laura Steele (J6er) May 12, 2024 Patriots Lives Matter

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