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Upcoming Sentencing Post from Political Prisoner Shane Jenkins —

Hello everyone! Shane Jenkins here reporting live from the Gulag or the DC DOC as it’s formally known. We are political prisoners here no matter what anyone says. If we had done the very same thing but been leftists we likely would never have even been arrested and if we had, the charges would have been lowered or dismissed outright. I'm not complaining just stating facts. This suffering means something on a large scale, especially for this nation. It also means a great deal in my personal life.

I want to share with you a conviction I had the other day in Bible study. I heard the question "why do you love God?" And as that sunk into my spirit I began to search and seek an answer. I liken it to a marriage. You love someone because you love them, but the newness can wear off and then why do you love them? Because you know it’s right? Because you are legally bound to them? Because of your children? Because divorce is expensive? I felt convicted because I wondered do I love God because I know it’s right? Because of all he saved me from? Because of what He can do for me or this world? Or do I love God for who He is? And I just hope you can ponder this as I did. Do you go to church for the social club? To see the Joneses and to try to keep up with them? Or do you go to worship and love our magnificent God for who and what He is?

I'm thankful for what God has and has not done for me. I love Him today for who He is in my life. Thank you for reading my rant.
As my sentencing draws near, I am praying for the words to say in court to come from God. I am not seeking mercy, nor will I apologize to a court that is crushing us and does not care. I want my children and my friends and family to know I love them very much. You all mean a great deal to me, yes, you reading this. Praying, asking God to intercede, supporting us in thought and material. I have a great deal to be thankful for.

The "attitude" of an airplane determines its "altitude" and I believe our attitudes determine our altitude as well. Focus on the things above (the heavens) not the things below (earthly). The more I do that the more I realize all of this is but a blink in eternity. I will hold my head high. I will not bow to my judge or the DOJ\FBI but only to Jesus Christ. We will restore America’s sovereignty. We will place God back on the altar of this nation’s heart. God first; God over everything! We all have a role to play. Don't sit in the stands or on the sidelines! I challenge you all to get in the game! Jesus is the coach! God is the owner! Get out there and run the plays! You are the quarterback! Go Cowboys! Beat those stinking Giants! I am so thankful for you all! Love and Peace beyond all understanding in all of your lives in Jesus' name! Shane Jenkins out!

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