Political Arrest

Political Arrest
Political Arrest
A poem written and shared by J6 Patriot Jared P. Cantrell

BANG! BANG! BANG! "Open Up!" "Come Out! Come Out! With Your Hands Up!" Seconds later they break down the door, Shaking the house to its very core.

FLASH-BANG grenades preempt their breach. The FBI, how long their reach.…
Filing through in tactical form. For misdemeanors, is this the norm?

Rifle after rifle pointed at me; Red lasers through the smoke is all I see. The sounds of drones circling above, They apprehend me with a violent shove.

It's 6AM in February. Absolutely Unnecessary. Two armored vehicles block the street. Outside in the cold, no shoes on my feet.

Search Warrant a license to wreck our home, Scattering belongings as they roam.

The front door sways on a single hinge. The government is on their power binge.

They leave the house unsecured. The whole ordeal is quite absurd. You'd think I were head of a deadly cartel, But it's a narrative that they're trying to sell.

They take me away to a courthouse; Can someone please inform my spouse? I'm released without a bond for free: They're Trumped up charges, it's plain to see.

A year later to trial I go:
Police perjury steals the show. Six months of prison, here I go! The “Justice System": A Reality Show.
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