Letters to MAGA Mouse: Stewart Parks

Maga Mouse,
God Bless you, thank you for the letter. I hope your day is going well. I loved the January 6 poem you included. The scriptures you included in the letter were very precious and encouraging. FCI Memphis is a 3rd World Prison. My cell floods every time it rains. Rain and water pours through the ceilings from multiple roof leaks and trash cans are set everywhere to catch the rain. There’s more trash cans to catch rain water than there are to catch actual trash. The food is horrible and designed to cause health problems. The incompetence in our Federal Government is astounding. We’ve gone on lockdown for various unknown reasons. One reason is clear this 3rd World Prison is understaffed and has staffing issues, this causes us to be locked up in our cells. I am doing everything legally possible to get out of this Communist Hell. I expect to be out ASAP and my prison sentence canceled and all charges/convictions canceled. I will be recompensed for this hostage treatment. Joe Biden is not the President. The 2020 election was stolen and full of fraud. Trump won the 2016 and 2020 election and he will win the 2024 election by a massive landslide. There’s so many people in this prison with the same charges Hunter Biden was charged with. They are in prison and he is not. This is a horrible way to treat people, people should not be sentenced differently based on their social status or family connection.

God bless you,
Stewart Parks
5-7-24 10:19pm
January 6 Hostage
MAGA Mouse

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