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America's Path
Written by January 6th political prisoner Chris Quaglin while in solitary confinement March 27, 2022 Northern Neck Regional Jail.

America is not lost. She has only strayed off the path her founders began laying for her 250 years ago. It's our duty as American Patriots to do God's work, guiding her back to her forgotten path and to continue to forge America's path forward. Certain areas of America's path have been untouched for many decades and completely overgrown with political poison ivy. This weed is a cancer that must be uprooted, discarded, and constantly maintained otherwise this weed’s greed and corruption will consume everything and destroy our beloved path. America will be lost forever. Rebuilding and continuing America's path will not  be an easy task. It will take every ounce of hard work, perseverance, and sacrifice we have as patriots. Uprooting these weeds and rebuilding her forgotten path to the previous and glorious state will be will be a serious undertaking. However difficult this task may be, it must be taken on collectively. We need to do this together as Americans or we will fail America as individuals.  Its up to the patriots of this lost country to lead America back to her path so we can begin the rebuilding process. Freedom was never, and will never, be free.

America's founders knew this when they signed the Declaration of Independence and drafted the Constitution. They also knew that the only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing. Unfortunately, American Patriots have done far too little for far too long and tyranny is thriving. For decades Americas have been slowly losing our Second Amendment right. The conservative voice has been silenced more and more by a leftist controlled media and social media. Anything they don't agree with they now call "misinformation".  Recently, many Americans gave free reign and blindly bowed down to the unconstitutional covid-19 lock downs, mask mandates, and restrictions all to "slow the curve" while small business was crushed nationwide. There are still one hundred January 6th American Patriots awaiting trial being held without bail as political prisoners today.  For the first time in US history the FBI raided a former President's home like the SS secret police looking for anything that could be used to prevent him from running again. This is the very definition of a tyrannical government! Open your eyes! We have allowed the American people to become enslaved by the same people we put in office to protect our God given rights as free American citizens. America's path is in desperate need of repair, and its up to today's American Patriots to complete this task.

We owe it to our forefathers and future generations of Patriots to stand up for a free America, an America we are proud to call home. We cannot allow our God given rights of the American people to continue being infringed upon. We can not abandon America in a forest of evil, totalitarianism, and corruption.  We must keep America on her path of righteousness, independence, and rebuild America's path back to the Constitutional Republic as her founders intended. However difficult this task, it must be taken on or America's freedom that we took for granted for generations will cease to exist and we will soon live in absolute tyranny.
America is not lost. She has only strayed off her path and implementing the Light of God in our everyday lives will keep America's path eternally illuminated. Even in the darkest parts of the forest where the ivy has grown thickest, the Light of God always burns bright. America's path will be consecrated. God has and will never leave our side. America must never abandon God. God's lamp will not only give the needed guidance to America's Patriots laying her righteous path but will give the American people a beacon of salvation so that we never let America stray off her rightful path. The Light of God is the only beacon that can save the American people, keep America free, and keep the American dream alive for future generations. America is God's land. However difficult of preserving America's freedom may prove to be, with God's help, it shall be done. God bless all the January 6th Patriots and God Bless America.

-Chris Quaglin

January 6th prisoner since April 7th 2021

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