Unbound to this world.

MAGA Mouse at the sea
Prayer shared by Christian patriot and political prisoner Jake Lang from the cells of the DC Gulag…

Father God, we give ourselves to You. Completely, holding nothing back from You. If we must quit our jobs to abide in Your Spirit, we will. If we must live a life in prison to serve Your will, we will. If we must give all we have to the poor to follow You Jesus, we will. We give our entire lives to You Father. We are unbound to this world, we are living for eternity. We love to serve You Lord & love Your people, the broken and homeless, the mistreated and abused, the prisoner and orphan. The sick and mentally distraught, the addicted and sin filled lost brothers. The blind and hurting are our ministry to You Lord, Your children all deserve love and compassion. These are our charge, we are our brothers keeper. We are shepherds of the life of Jesus, we follow Him and abide in His word. We love Your Word Lord. Give us rebirth, a new life, a new heart, a new mind. Fill us with Your Holy Spirit Lord, in Jesus name. Amen.

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