It all began with a mouse ...

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It all began with a mouse who donned a MAGA hat and appeared in the DC Gulag one day where many of the J6 patriots are being detained; held as political hostages.

He was quickly taken into their "witness-protection program" and nursed back to health while the patriots there affectionately called him MAGA Mouse. A patriot there wrote and shared this fun light-hearted story with us.

And little did he know of the exploits this little mouse would go on to see that the friends who helped him in his distress were not themselves forgotten.

Since his departure from the cells of the DC Doc, MAGA Mouse has written a story as seen through the eyes of a mouse to raise awareness to the J6 patriot’s plight, boost morale among patriots everywhere to DO SOMETHING and ultimately give God the glory!

As he famously says, “If I can do so much while being a mouse then so can you humans! It matters not your size but rather the size of your faith which will determine your courage!”

His story
MAGA Mouse To The Rescue went to print and was published in 2023 for the J6 patriots.

Since then, it has been sent to many patriots urging every man and mouse to DO SOMETHING to see this injustice does not continue while on our watch!

MAGA Mouse even sent a signed copy to the rightful President of the United States and has received a note in return addressed to M.M. thanking him for the copy of his book! 

MAGA Mouse hopes his story will help to boost morale among those who remain political hostages in this country.

You can order your copy of
MAGA Mouse To The Rescue at the link and gift a copy to a political prisoner too! 

Together, with a firm reliance upon our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, we will make America Great Again!

For Life and Liberty in Christ, 
MAGA Mouse and friends 

What does the Lord require of you? But to act justly, love mercy, and walk humbly with your God. Micah 6:8

MAGA Mouse

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