A Tall Tale

MAGA Mouse Valley Forge
A "Tall Tale" by a mutual friend…

Dearest Katelyn,

I wanted to pass along a story told to me by our shared acquaintance. I was reluctant to share it at first because it was so hard to believe, but here we are! Our friend told me a fantastic tale about how one of his ancestors once received a toast from George Washington. A tall tale from a very small source - or so I thought. He encouraged me to look closely into the events that made America and the tiniest contributions that helped make it great. Could you help out and fact check these legends? I was told to use a magnifying glass and that we would all be surprised at what we found…

Kyle Fitzsimons - Mr. Washinton
Kyle Fitzsimons
from the cells of the DC Doc

Learn how Kyle Fitzsimons was a part of making the story "MAGA Mouse" come to life
MAGA Mouse

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