Greetings from prison...

Greetings from prison…
Update from J6 patriot and Christ follower, Olivia Pollock.

I had fainted, unless I had believed to see the goodness of the Lord in the Land of the Living. ~ Ps. 27:13-14~

Greetings from a prison cell, This has become one of my theme verses this past year as it speaks so true to me. The only thing that gives me strength and hope is that I HAVE seen His goodness in the land and because of that, I will not faint! I'm currently sitting in a Max Security cell, unable to leave for the 3rd day now, with nothing to listen to but the cries and screams of the mentally insane that occupy the other cells around me, as I wait for transport to DC. However, I had a few answers to prayer: I finally got a Bible!!, they turn the lights down at night (unlike the last place) and I got a piece of chocolate cake!! It's the little things in here.  I have been reading Psalms and came across Ps. 146:7 "Which executeth judgement for the oppressed: which giveth food to the hungry. The Lord sets the prisoners free!  

As I read I thought, not necessarily freedom in the physical sense as freed from jail on our time but Spiritually Free, in that our hope is no longer in the world and the things or people in it, but in Christ alone who has set us Free indeed, through His Son. Freedom from the cares of this world for they are fleeting. Freedom from death and sin through his blood.  Freedom from the hand of the wicked through the power of the Holy Ghost. He knows and created every hair on our head and we can call upon and recognize the God who cares for even the sparrow, how much more for His child. I have prayed God lead me every step, one step at a time and light my path and give me strength to walk it. He WILL place us where He needs us. 

I pray God gives me the wisdom and strength to be used no matter where I am. With Christ we are more than conquerors. He has given the Angels charge over us that not even our foot will be dashed upon a stone if not His will. In Psalm 35 it tells of the Lord fighting for us against our enemies, being our help, putting to shame those that wrongfully attack us....But it also says "I will thank you in the Great Congregation, in the mighty throng I will praise you." He may have allowed this in my life just so I could praise Him in the great congregation. The whole nation is watching and waiting for us to fail. Laughing at us, saying, "Where is your God now, you lost, you're in prison!" but had it not been for this trial we would not have had the platform to praise him in the "Mighty Throng!" The world is dying for a Saviour and we have the answer. With God you can truly walk in the shadow of death and not be afraid. He has given me true peace where I'm at.

We have been given an amazing country, the likes of which no other people have known, one founded with its trust in God. But we have long lost that trust and have given it to man. My prayer is that the Christians in America will start shouting His praise from the roof tops and making His goodness known. We've got to stop being dumb and deaf to the ways of the Lord. Pray for Revival in this land and God to heal our nation again. If we as Christians don't do it, no one can, because true Justice and Truth only come from the Lord. We have been slack far too long in upholding the principles this nation was founded upon. As long as there is breath in our lungs, no matter where we are, we have a job to do and a purpose for living. To proclaim the Lord God who created, loves and died for us!! For He is good and GREATLY TO BE PRAISED!! 

Sing to the Lord, Bless His name; shew forth His Salvation from day to day, declare his Glory among the heathen, His wonders among all the People. ~Psalm 96:2
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