Letters to MAGA Mouse

Letters to MAGA Mouse: Kevin Galetto

Dear MAGA Mouse,

… By now you probably will know the outcome of the NYC Trump trial as the jury deliberates his fate today. I was speaking with a South African man about it today, and he said that other nations are stunned by how our country is persecuting a political opponent. He said that this sort of thing is basically accepted and expected in their elections, but thought that our politics were different. Read More…

Letters to MAGA Mouse: Stewart Parks

MAGA Mouse … FCI Memphis is a 3rd World Prison. My cell floods every time it rains. Rain and water pours through the ceilings from multiple roof leaks and trash cans are set everywhere to catch the rain. Read More…

Letters to MAGA Mouse: Barry Ramey

Letters to MAGA Mouse
Thank you for keeping the conversation going about us J6ers. We need more mice like you!
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