A long strange journey...

MAGA Mouse with Mountain
Get a glimpse into the life of a J6 patriot who's been held in the DC Gulag for the past 2+ years, this letter was written possibly only hours before he was shipped out to a new location —

Dearest Katelyn,

Hello again! Sorry for the long delay in replies. I suffered a bit of grief overload and suppose I’m still sometimes reluctant to be social. I was sentenced to 7 years, has a Biblical feel to it for me. With 30 months served, good time, programming and half-way house I might be near the midway point of my time. I am leaving the DC jail soon, maybe in a matter of hours. I wanted to write one last letter to tell you I’m moving along and will drop a line as soon as I am settled somewhere. I hope to go to Florida as my parents live there and my father is in poor health. It would be good to get visits from them. But we hear that men are being warehoused by the Bureaus of Prisons no where near where they should be, myself now being homeless I hope I do not get bounced around the country for my entire bid. My daughter Holly just had a birthday party and it was at the beach, a mermaid/rainbow theme. I got her a storybook of Noah’s Ark and the rainbow. She is so sharp. She asks where I am and it is hard to answer those curious questions. I’m trying to write a fairytale for her. One that is fun for a little one but grows more profound as an age of understanding is reached. This weekend she is at a water park - I am missing so many memories … now that Trump himself is a J6 defendant we hope more will come out about that day. In my own case, new video has been made public which discredits testimony given at my trial. I have hope for my appeal. Right now all the Proud Boys who were convicted of seditious conspiracy are here waiting for sentencing. I believe they will be handled as roughly as the Oath Keepers were. Back in April I had surgery to remove my appendix and I can tell you having an operation while incarcerated is no fun! It has been such a long strange trip. From 23/1 lockdown and no haircuts to 3 visits from Congress, a song with our vocals accompanying Trump hitting the charts, and a book of our art and letters from inside getting published. Congratulations on your own success with a book. Forgive me for not following through as an Illustrator. You have plenty of material to pick from, let history be your guide. I can see many stories being told with your character MAGA Mouse. I can’t wait to read it to Holly.

Katelyn, thank you for the prayers, the letters, the encouragement and kind words. This has been an ordeal and your care softened the pain of the day to day as our lives were transformed. God bless you and God bless the United States of America.

Kyle Fitzsimons
from the cells of the DC Doc

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