A Modern Update of a Classic
When They Did Something
By Jeremy Brown

When THEY came to seek the seats of power, I did nothing because I do not seek power.

When THEY used that power to cover up the crimes of THEIR Political Allies, I did nothing because I don't like "politics."

When THEY burned businesses in hundreds of cities without consequence, I did nothing because I don't own a business.

When THEY came for "PROUD BOYS," I did nothing because I don't attend "rallies" and never needed the group's protection.

When THEY raided wellness clinics distributing supplements that help the immune system. I did nothing because I trusted that my Doctor, bribed by drug companies, "knows best."

When THEY changed or ignored election laws to cheat and win national, state, and local elections in key states, I did nothing because the compromised establishment liars I voted for won.

When THEY came for the "OATH KEEPERS", I did nothing because I never swore that Oath or buried friends who have. Besides, the stranger on TV told me they are "BAD."

When THEY came for parents protecting their children against Marxist teachings by Government Schools, I did nothing because I didn't have children in that school district.

When THEY robbed female athletes of awards and scholarships because boys dressed as girls beat them, I did nothing because I'm a "tolerant" person.

When THEY came for the "Whistleblowers" and "Truth-Tellers", I did nothing because mainstream media told me they were "extremists" and "conspiracy theorists"

When for the FIRST TIME in American history a former President was raided by his rival's Executive Branch, I did nothing because a Judge signed a "warrant".

When things got so crazy that I started asking questions and searched for answers on Google, Facebook, Twitter and TIKTOK, THEY came for me.

IF THEY haven't or aren't coming for YOU, then YOU are doing NOTHING!

Don't do NOTHING! This IS the Tyranny our Founders warned us about in 1776.

De Oppressor Liber

...by Jeremy Brown, Inmate #1875858
US Army Special Forces Master Sergeant (RET.)




When I started thinking about the idea behind this story, I knew I wanted to give America a more personable, funnier, lighter look into the hearts and minds of the J6 Political Prisoners whom I have the honor of calling my friends and family. You may also know them as your friends and family as we are all members of America’s oldest and newest extended Patriotic Family.

I decided on taking a journalistic approach. I would ask my friends, the J6 Political Prisoners, a few questions and then build the story around these interviews. However, I never knew at the time that the story would take a life of its own.

I would merely be pen to paper.

I had no idea what I was going to ask. I knew I wanted to stay away from political views, our plight for America's Freedoms, or unfair treatment from the District of Columbia, Department of Corrections. Not that these aren't very important issues we currently deal with on a daily basis. I truly wanted to give America an honest and caring look into the hearts and minds of J6 Political Prisoners. How on earth would I ever get there?

I don't have a journalistic background. However, I do have some experience in counseling. I supposed I could start with something trivial to break the ice and then do follow up questions to that and see where the conversation would take us, but still I had no questions. Then in my wondering mind, which is often all over the place, I was reminded of MAGA Mouse.

I know, you’re saying…MAGA Mouse.

What is this?

Who is this?

The Backstory of MAGA Mouse

MAGA Mouse was an actual live mouse that was found one chilly morning wrapped up in a J6 Political Prisoners thermal. He was then somehow humanely captured by J6 Political Prisoners here in District of Columbia, Department of Corrections, C2B/block.

He was carried downstairs and was being shown to the Duty Officer when the medical nurse who had walked in to do medication caught MAGA Mouse out the corner of her eye. This in turn compelled her to run out of the door, find and tell supervisory staff that the J6 Political Prisoners chased her out of the building with a Rat and she was not going back.

The Duty Officer in charge of J6 Political Prisoners was then phoned by the Captain’s office whom we later found out was phoned by the Warden and told to handle the situation. The Duty Officer then informed us he had been summoned to the Captain’s office for a briefing on the Mouse situation. We told the Duty Officer to tell the Captain that the Mouse had a Red Hat on and all the Prisoners are calling it MAGA Mouse.

When the Duty Officer got back from the briefing, we asked if he told the Captain. He said the Captain about fell out of his chair laughing and the Warden had phoned everyone but the President of the United States on what to do about the Mouse. They had a full scale legal team meeting on how to handle the Mouse situation. What they finally decided on was have the Duty Officer humanely dispose of the Mouse. Only by the time the Duty Officer had returned MAGA Mouse had been placed in witness protection by the J6 Political Prisoners.

MAGA Mouse would spend the next few weeks being nursed back to health by Robert "Bobby" Gieswein and then released back into the wild or jail no one really knows. That is the back story of MAGA Mouse.
MAGA Mouse

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